Monday, February 18, 2008

Peanut the Jumping Bean

We went for our third ultrasound scan last Saturday and we were thrilled to se our little Peanut jumping around and waving at us!

I was kinda expecting to see the little bean jumping as I have been reading a lot about pregnancy but Mr Frankie was very very surprised to see Peanut shaking his/her bon bon (obviously Mr Frankie has not been reading the pregnancy book that we bought. Hmmph!)

Anyway we were delighted to know that our Peanut is healthy and he is now about 6.8 cm. We also saw his beautiful spine and his heart was beating strongly. I have yet to feel his movement but the doctor said it won't be long before I could feel him kicking. I can't wait! :)

However, I have been told that my BP is quite high 133/88 and it is a bit of a concern to me as I know that high BP could lead to pre-eclampsia. The doctor have asked me to rest and relax and try not to get all worked up. I told my doctor that work can get pretty stressful (esp with a boss like mine!). She said I need to learn to calm down and just take things in stride.

*sighs* I guess I really do not have a choice but to calm down and learn how to relax.

Any tips people?

And I learn that morning sickness doesn't only happen during day time. It also happens during night/very early in the morning too. I have been waking up at 3 a.m. the last week just to eat. Good thing that we have 24 hours McDonalds just around the corner. Mr Frankie was there at 3 a.m. in his 'kain pelikat' (sarong) getting me McD's breakfast *grins*

I also learn that emotional threat works like a charm.

Told Mr Frankie that if he refuses to buy me food, I'll turn this baby into an Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea fan (thanks to Diyana for this tip ;)). Hahahahahaha!

Mr Frankie now do whatever it takes to make sure that this baby is a Man U fan. I was once asked to sit down with Mr Frankie to watch a 2-hour Man U Greatest Moment on DVD. Hmmph!

Anyway I'd like to say thank you to those who wrote/e-mail to me on pregnancy tips and also to all well wishes. I really appreciate it very much *hugs*

By the by, now that we know that Peanut is already jumping and waving and kicking, Mr Frankie is scared to the horizontal lambada fearing that Peanut would have a shock of his life if he sees his daddy's umm...birdie. I told Mr Frankie that Peanut is oblivious to that but that doesn't seems to convince him. I am to call the doctor today to confirm that it's ok to rompy romp.


Have a good week people.