Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Does anyone know where I can (preferably) buy or rent a Doppler? Been looking around but can't seems to find one.
And I'm also on a look out for a good OB/GYN. Any suggestions?
I'm 10 weeks 3 days along today :) the morning sickness is till there but not as bad as when I was in my 6th week. Can't wait for my next ultrasound appointment next week :)
I have been meaning to leave comments whenever I blog surf but I am so just lazy bum bum. My bad especially those who left comments on my blog. Sorry. Promise to get around dropping comments soonest possible.
I have started showing (a little). Most of my clothes are getting a little snug around the waist and Mr Frankie said that my mid-sec looks rounder than usual (being chubby, my mid-sec is always round heheheheh!) Though we know that the baby is not able to hear us yet, Mr Frankie and I talk to Peanut all the time :)
So far I've lost 8 lbs! But I guess I'll gain more than that anytime soon as my appetite is getting way way better. Wasn't able to eat any rice at all the last 6 weeks. The morning sickness is supposed to go away very soon as the placenta is fully formed in the next couple of weeks.
Cravings? I don't think so though I have to say that I 'need' to eat 'Tropicana' ice cream (that green ice cream with vanilla fillings in the middle) everyday. I know it's empty calories and it's not good for me but if I don't eat one, I'll get really restless. Sent Mr Frankie to 7-11 a couple of times to get Tropicana, so now he makes sure the freezer is always full of Tropicana :) (bless Mr Frankie)
And just like any new-parents-to-be we have our concerns esp financial concern but I believe that things will go well. We have become extra careful with money now. We plan to set up a bank account the moment Peanut is born. Then there's insurance. College funds.
Oh my....
Well I can't wait for Chinese New Year holiday. Told Mr Frankie that I must go to Raju's for some masala tosai ;)
To all bloggers who are celebrating CNY, Happy Chinese New Year. Be safe on the road.