Monday, January 07, 2008

7 Weeks and Counting

If our calculation is right, we are 7 weeks pregnant!



That explains why I was feeling very bleurgh the last couple of months.


Mr. Frankie is very happy. I am very happy.

We are estatic!

But but's still very very tiny and there are a lot of risks involved in the first trimester so we try not to be 'too' happy.


Wish us luck :)

When you are between 6 and 7 weeks pregnant, you may be experiencing the early signs of pregnancy: your period has stopped, nausea, breast changes, frequent urination, and fatigue. The picture above shows how the uterus has begun to grow at 6 and 7 weeks pregnant and has become more ovoid or egg-shaped. The pressure of the growing uterus on the bladder causes frequent urination.During these weeks, your breasts may have begun to increase in size.

Some women may also experience tingling sensations and breast or nipple tenderness. By the end of the second month, the nipples and areolar areas also develop deeper pigmentation. In the picture above, the beginnings of the placenta can be seen in the uterus. The embryo is about one quarter to one half an inch long and weighs one thousandth (0.001) of an ounce. The head is large in proportion to the rest of the body.

The internal organs have formed and the baby's heart has been beating since the end of the 4th week. The baby is floating in the amniotic sac. Buds for the arms and legs emerged in the 5th week, and by the 7th week little buds for fingers and toes also appear. The umbilical cord is lengthening and will continue to grow allowing the baby freedom to move. The 7th week represents a milestone in development: the embryo is now considered a fetus.