Monday, December 17, 2007

The Soya Bean Shop

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Last weekend I was craving for some soya bean drinks and the only place that I know that sells really good authentic soya bean is in Plaza Damas and it's called "The Soya Shop". Let me tell you the soya products are just so super deliciousness and you can really taste the soya without all the additional preservatives and sweetness.

The it's not expensive at all and more importantly it's healthy and nutritious :)

Mr Frankie had 2 glasses of warm soya milk and I had this.....

I'm not too sure what you call it because everytime I go there I would just point at the menu and the girl would get it for me :D.

I had the one with the chocolate filling. So far it's my favourite. The sweetness of the chocolate filling goes very very well with the creaminess of the unsweetened soya milk.

Yummy yum!

Now I'm craving for some chili crab! Anyone knows a really good place to eat chili crab?

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