Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Professional Jeweller

Getting married is one of the most important stages in any person's life. The excitement of picking the dress, deciding the menu for the reception, the honeymoon, & most of all picking a ring.

My brother is going through all these phases when she and her long time girlfriend decided to tie the knot. He popped the question to her one fine day, after working up the nerve and rehearsing several times in front of the mirror. After browsing through catalogues of diamond engagement rings, he picked a beautiful one which he thought would be perfect for her.
The ring was beautiful and the diamond was stunning. I asked my brother where he bought such an enchanting solitaire. To my surprise he gave me a URL to a site. He further added that customers could purchase diamonds, and rings for all occasions at this website. Whether it's for an engagement or diamond wedding rings, anybody could get it there. There was even a pre-design ring service.