Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mon Oncle

My dear uncle came down for a visit from Penang last week. So after we picked him up from Shah Village where he was staying for the duration of his training, we went for breakfast in Plaza Damas. My uncle wanted to get some...errrr cheap dvds and the only place we know is Plaza Damas. We used to frequent Section 14 in Petaling Jaya but the place was closed about a year back.

Anyway, I am very very close to this uncle of mine. We literally grew up together when we were staying in Beach Street in Penang where my grandfather worked as a policeman. Since my Mom and my Dad travelled a lot and I was too young to be taken to places, I stayed with my grandparents.

Just like any young children, we argued a lot...and I mean a lot. And when we argued, we did not just screamed and shout, we punched and kicked too. There was a time where we had a fight and he was punching my face (he was way bigger than me) and I couldn't do anything but bite his chubby stomach. I bit so hard that it left a mark on him until now :)

And as we grew older, he was later sent to a boarding school in Perak and I was sent to a boarding school in Seremban. When school holidays came, we'd take the same KTM train and I would meet him when my train stopped in Ipoh station.

Now that we are all grown up, we became closer than ever before. I can talk to him about anything and vice versa.
And he is the proud father of Baby Sofiya!