Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gegerl the Drama Princess

Taking Gegerl to the vet proves to be a battle for me and Mr Frankie. That girl is such a drama princess and she makes sure that we are aware of that too! Just take a look at the photos the day we took her to the vet. She would scream and cry and wail and kick and bite.

Since she is daddy's girl, Mr Frankie was tasked with the job to pacify her before we put her in the voyager.

The calm before the storm.

And so the 'drama' begins!

"Let me out of here!"

Her usual trick will be licking my fingers begging to be let out of the cage.

More licking before.....


Before realizing that any form of resistance is futile.

We used to bring our older cats to a vet in Ara Damansara, which is now quite far from Shah Alam where we are currently residing. So Mt Frankie suggested that we took Gegerl to a vet near the Section 6 market which is just 5 minutes drive.

Gegerl was given an injection and she was a brave little girl as she didn't even scream or flip out as she would normally do.

Later we gave her some ice-cream as a reward :)