Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thou Shall Not F@rt In A Closed Air Tight Elevator

F@rting in an elevator should be deemed as a serious crime.
A crime so hideous punishable only by D.E.A.T.H

Before you decided to release your poisonous lethal f@rt gas, please think about the people who are in the CLOSED, AIR TIGHT elevator with you. Especially when the other people had to go to the 45th floor and you only stopped and get off at the 12th floor, leaving us behind with your deadly f@rt gas.

If I ever find you again you monstrous, disgusting, no mercy f@rt man, I'll personally shove up a can of air freshener in where the sun don't shine.

And I urgently call for a f@rt-emergency-exit be established in all elevators soonest possible.

Thank you