Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Presheena : DNA Tests For Guards and Workers

DNA samples have been taken from the security guard and general workers at the Casa Mila Towner Condominium in Selayang where 9-year old Preeshena was raped, sodomised and later thrown off the building. The DNA samples will be tested against the semen samples collected earlier.
It was believed that Preeshena was abducted from her unit on the ninth floor and taken to a vacant unit on a lowe level where she was raped and later killed. There was no sign of force entry.
Most probably Preeshena knew the person who raped and killed her or else she would not have opened the door.
And how did the culprits managed to abduct her and brought her to other vacant unit in the broad daylight?
Did she put up a fight? Did she screamed?
If she did, did anyone hear her scream?
Or perhaps she was knocked unconcious?
If so, didn't anyone get suspicious when they saw a man carrying a girl into a vacant unit?
And how did the culprits manage to have the key to the vacant unit?
It has to be the job of an insider for in most rape cases, the victim knows the raper.