Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Miss Puerto Rico (Pepper) Sprayed ;)

ORGANISERS of a beauty pageant in Puerto Rico are investigating a case of sabotage after a contestant's evening gowns and makeup were doused with pepper spray, causing her to break out in hives.

Ingrid Marie Rivera beat 29 pageant rivals to become the 2008 Miss Universe contestant – despite the hives. Ms Rivera was composed while onstage before the cameras and judges, but once backstage, she needed ice packs on her face and body.

“We thought at first it was an allergic reaction, or maybe nerves,” said pageant spokesman Harold Rosario. "But the second time, we knew it couldn't have been a coincidence." Later tests revealed the presence of pepper spray.


Sorry I'm not a big fan of beauty pageants. To me it's just another way of exploiting women.