Friday, November 02, 2007

Lumens, The Way To Light Up Your Home

Since moving into our new place a couple of months ago, we have managed to clean the house from top til bottom and we also did a lot of re-arranging of furnitures to fit my furnitures that I decided to retain. Also the new curtains are done and we bought a new dining table too. Every weekend the last 2 months was all about cleaning and scrubbing and polishing and arranging.
Believe me, moving house can be utterly exhausting and not to mention stressful.

But now all are pretty much done, except that we need new lightings.

Do you know lightings can change the way your house look?

Aunty Melly, Mom's long-time best friend recommended So we decided to surf the internet for the best Contemporary lighting available to soften the looks of our home.

For our living room which is located upstairs, we identified a few ceiling lights that we fancy but I think I have my heart set on this one...

Isn't it just fabulous? And it fits well with our red, black and white theme for the living room!

We were also looking for tech lightings that has that unique designs with clean lines that creates the tailored-look for our study room and Mr Frankie decided that this Biplane Head would be his choice. I kinda like it too :)

With Lumens, you not only find lightings, but you can also find things like fans, one-of-a-kind mailbox and doorbells, mirrors, fireplaces, wall treatments, home accessories etc. Mr Frankie and I had such a tough time choosing as Lumens has wide range of things. Not only that, Lumens also offer fantastic gifts for men, unique gifts for women, great things for kids, and fun products for pets.

You can view the items by price and this made it easy for Mr Frankie and I as we could identify utems that is within our budget. You can also view all itmes by manufacturers.

Lumens, it's a great way to shop.