Thursday, November 15, 2007

How I'll Be RM300 Poorer Soon.

It's that time of the year again where i will send my hard earned money to my mother-in-law in UK to get me shoes.

Yes shoes. And for those who is wondering why would I send my hard earned money to UK to buy shoes, that is because I (probably) have the biggest feet. I wear size 10 or if I'm that lucky, size 9.

So size 9 and size 10 are not really common sizes in Malaysia. And even if I find shoes size 9 and 10 in Malaysia, the chances are, they'd look like orthopedic shoes.

Extremely unsexy.

Since I like most stuffs sold at M&S, I buy my shoes there and in the UK, M&S is like 7 Eleven. You can find M&S at pretty much every nook and cranny of the country. And it's (kinda) cheap there.

So I need shoes, work shoes to be precise. And I love M&S FootGlove collection. It's very very comfy

This is what I bought the last time.

Now I'm getting these two.

Yes very boring but the field that I am in, I have to be boring (hahahahah)

And black is a safe colour. It goes with anything.

I was also thinking of getting this. Couldn't find it at M&S here. Plus even if I can find it here, the price would be trippled the price over there (after converting it to RM).

All of the above for under RM300. Not bad eh?

Say, what's the current conversion rate now?