Tuesday, November 20, 2007


A friend called me yesterday and told me that she and her husband have decided that she will be the bread winner of the family and the husband shall stay home and clean the house, cook meals, do the laundry, bathe the kids and the cats…

The husband will be a househusband.

I asked her to repeat what she told me, fearing that my hearing might have failed me.

“I’ll be taking the new job and Shafiq will stay home and take care of the kids”

I didn’t say much. Not that I oppose to the idea of having the husband do the cooking and the cleaning.

It’s just that, would Shafiq be ok being labeled as a househusband?

What would his futsal buddies say about this? Wouldn’t they tease him and call his sissy?

I don’t know. So I decide to wikipedia the word househusband and this is what I got…

Wikipedia’s interpretation of a househusband

From Simple English Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia that anyone can change

“A househusband is a husband that chooses to stay at home instead of engaging himself in a career. A househusband is usually married to an university graduate wife who has skills that are superior to his. His roles in the 21st century are similar to what women had to endure in the 20th century. Sometimes, he has awful math and science skills and cannot acquire a decent job and paycheck. Currently, most democratic countries discourage househusbands and encourage women to be housewives”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

“...Sometimes, he has awful math and science skills…” (?)

The interpretation is just ridiculous.

I told Mr Frankie about this and surprisingly he is ok with the idea that perhaps I’ll be the one with a career and he’ll stay home cleaning up poo poo and cooking dinner.

“Well if you make more money than me and we come to a point where one of us have to quit job and take care of the kids. I don’t mind staying home and be househusband”


Suddenly the idea of me having to work and him staying home with the kids and cleaning the house is just not too appealing to me…

I don’t know, maybe when the time comes, perhaps I’ll be ok with it…

But for now, I like to see my man go to work and bring home the beacon.

What about you?...