Monday, November 05, 2007

Gegerl the Papaya-Eating Kitten

If I have never told you before, Mr Frankie and I adopted a new kitten about a couple of weeks back. We have yet to name her so just for the time being, we call her Gegerl :) and yes it's a 'her'.

Gegerl is one ferocious kitten who loves to bite things including my toe, earlobes, nose, lips and has recently developed a taste for my hair. Imagine the horror of having Gegerl launching herself on my head before chewing my hair.

So last weekend, while watching the telly, we had some papaya and when we were done, we left the papaya aside. The next thing we know, we saw this...

Gegerl was eating the papaya!

Never mind the fact that the papaya was bigger than her :) Is it ok for kittens to eat fruits? because after that she was very hyper running around like a crazy cat before she decided to fall asleep on the pillow.