Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angkasawan Dr Faiz Khaleed Attacked by Robbers

I was listening to today the news reported that Dr Faiz Khaleed, the second angkasawan was attacked by robbers earlier this morning.

Really? What happened?

The meeting with the Minister today had to be cancelled because the Minister wants to visit Dr Faiz in the hospital.

The Minister stayed for 5 minutes and left.

What to do with all the food??

Oh shouldn't be a problem, there's me and Diyana and Bani and Nana :)

Anyway, here's the news...

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Angkasawan Mej Dr Faiz Khaleed sustained injuries in a robbery after two parang-wielding men attacked him and a friend outside his house in Taman Mawar, Cheras, here early Wednesday.

Dr Faiz was slashed on his left hand in the 2am incident. He did not lose anything, but the robbers snatched a gold chain from his friend.

He has been admitted to the Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre in Jalan Ampang here and his condition was reported as stable.

At the hospital, his mother Mazenah Mohamad said Dr Faiz had gone to have supper with two other friends at about 11pm on Tuesday, and returned home later.

”One of the robbers pushed my son and he fell while the other robber placed a parang on the neck of my son's friend,” she said.

Mazenah said her son got up and tried to fight with the two men and was slashed.
“At this point, he pressed the auto gate remote and when the door started to open, the two suspects fled,” she added.

While fleeing , one of the suspects managed to snatch the friend's chain.

A team of policemen arrived at the hospital around 6pm and took a statement from Dr Faiz.

Dr Faiz, who is a military dentist, was shortlisted along with orthopaedic surgeon Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor to be the first Malaysian in space. On Oct 10, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar made history by becoming the first Malaysian to fly to space.