Tuesday, November 27, 2007

136 Hindraf Supporters To Face Charges

KUALA LUMPUR: The 136 Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supporters arrested during Sunday's demonstration will face charges which include illegal assembly, sedition, causing a nuisance and contempt of court.

Federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee said yesterday investigations would be completed in a day or two.
He said at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman that the investigation papers would be sent to the attorney-general who would decide on the charges.
Wan said copies of a magistrate's court order prohibiting the public from attending the rally were distributed in the city and warnings were issued to the public not to join the assembly.
He said the suspects, aged between 19 and 60, had been remanded for two days.

Asked why Hindraf's P. Uthayakumar and M. Manoharan were not arrested at the scene, he said the two were nowhere to be seen during the rally. They only emerged about 1pm to address protesters, following which they dispersed, he added. Wan said police were investigating the Police Watch Malaysia website alleging police brutality during the rally.
The website claimed that a 20-year-old man named Jaya was killed in Lebuh Ampang."It posted a picture of a man standing and wearing a T-shirt. It did not show his head or face."
He said the caption stated the man was dead, without giving any information on the time and place where the alleged incident occurred.
"If the allegation is false and the intention is to tarnish the good name of the force, action will be taken against those responsible for the website."