Monday, October 22, 2007

My Husband is a Manchester United (Mad Psychotic) Fan

Just look at his T-Shirt.

I told him if he gets bashed by Arsenals or LPs fan I shall run the other way.

The EPL has started which can only mean one thing...

That I shall have no control over the remote control of the TV whatsoever.
That my dear dear sweet husband shall cry, eat, sleep, doodle, breathe MANCHESTER UNITED until EPL is over. I shall come second.

That I cant mention the word Arsenal or Chelsea or Liverpool ever ever til the end of EPL.

That the bedsheet, comforter, pillow cases shall be changed to Man United bedsheet, comforter, pillow cases.

That the Man United flag will be placed in front of the house near the gate and that he shall kisses the flag every morning before getting into the car.

So, let the game begins!