Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Baby Don't Have A Choice But To Be A Manchester United Fan

Bob, mine and Diyana’s assistant just had a baby girl last week. Congratulations Bobby!

So off I went to Anakku in SACC with Mr Frankie last night to get a present for the baby So, as I was going through the presents and thinking of what to get Bobby’s baby, Mr Frankie came to me holding a box in his hand with a smirk on his face. As he handed the box over to me, he said,

“We should give the baby this. I think we MUST give this one, ok?”

So I took a look at the box and found out that it was the Anakku RBW box (RBW stands for RedBlackWhite). Apparently baby’s newborn eyes perceive red, black and white better than any other colour. So I continued reading the back of the box and when I was done, I turned to Mr. Frankie and said,

“This is a very good present. It’s good for the baby’s development. I didn’t know that you know about RBW. Thanks darling”…

….thinking that he might have been reading about babies and all.

Then Mr Frankie said,

“What development? No, it’s not because of that. Look at the box again”

So I looked at the box again and only then I understood his reason for picking that particular present….

He chose the box because it was Red Black and White, the colours of Manchester United.

That is my husband.