Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kama Sutra Gone Wrong

And so it begins.....

The incessant probing, talking, wondering, looking, thinking, wishing, touching, questioning, praying, lecturing...

"Dah ke belum?" (So? Are you pregnant yet?)

"Ish lambatnya" (Why does it take so long?)

"Are you sure you got the positioning right? I mean a slight adjustment can jeopardize the whole thing you know"

"Letak bantal bawak ponggong" (Put a pillow under your *ss)

"Don't get up immediately after that you have to lie down for at least 30 minutes"

"Cengkam kuat skit bro" (Hahah I have no idea how to translate this one!)

"I've got some herbs for you and Mr Frankie. Now don't forget to take the herbs you have to take the herbs"

People! We are trying to work here!

We feel like guinea pigs if not amateur porn actor/actress being given direction by the porn director.

Left leg up, right leg curl, left hand hold, right hand push, 90 degrees to the North-East and bend a lil bit to the side and up and up and sway to the left and wham bam!


Apparently its a MUST that I get pregnant by next month or the whole world would combust into big fiery ball.


You people have got to relax now. We cant do it knowing everyone is 'watching'.