Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Battle of the Bulge (No More!)

It has been a lifetime struggle for me when it comes to weight loss, until I found myfitnesspal.

It's a diet and fitness webiste that helps people like you and me lose weight the healthy way, and guess what? You do not need credit card as the website is free! Isn't that great?

The webiste has a calorie counter that is easy to use and very informative as it not only calculate the calories of your food to keep you on track with your diet programme, it also teaches you the nutritional value of the food you consume.

When I started my diet programme, I keep a food diary and list down all the food that I consumed as a measure to keep track of my food intake. That way I am more aware of what I put in my mouth and also it helps me to plan my exercise regime in my effort to lose weight.

It has been quite a struggle but thanks to myfitnesspal I have managed to lose weight the healthy way.