Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Stupid BADIGOL

Driving in Selayang can cause brain hemorrhage.

Yesterday on my way to Hospital Selayang to visit my mom, some schmuck who thinks that his BMW is more worthy of being on the road than my satria, wrestled my car off the road and nearly into a ditch when he switched from the left lane to the right (taking his place in front of me) without even giving the signal. Do bear in mind that I was going 120 miles on hour, and having to slam on the break at that speed is just plain dangerous.

He was on the phone.

I honked.

He gave me the Finger.

Like what the FISH?!!

You stupid badigol! I hope your p*nis grows warts and fell off!

I was feeling all homicidal gripping my steering and all while Mr. Frankie is trying to calm me down. I have to say my ‘pahala puasa’ was significantly reduced that day. I was cursing like a sailor.

I wish I was driving this so that I could slam on his car and run him over with it. You PR*CK

Do they sell Hummer in Malaysi?