Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dude Looks Like (Almost) A Lady

Being a bachelorette the last 29 years of my life has made me a very very independent woman. I was sent away to a boarding school ever since I was 13 and pretty much left to my own devices since.

I got my own house, buy my own car, buy my own clothes yadayadayada

And now that I am married, I sometimes forgot that I am!


Is that possible?

I’m so use of getting things done/going around on my own I sometimes forgot to ask Mr. Frankie what he wants/thinks/would he like to join me.


Now must remember to ask Mr Frankie. I feel bad enough making him watch reruns of Sex & The City last weekend.

....to which he said " After this I should go around the corner and look for my b*lls"

*Tee hee*

I hope he won't say no to my plan for a Baking Frenzy this weekend.

Wish me luck gals!