Monday, September 10, 2007

Good Husband, Great Marriage

A dear old friend of mine unveiled to me her current read. Being a self-help motivational book junkie that she is, she profusely and incessantly urged me to buy the book.

So last Friday whilst waiting for mon mere and mon pere-in law checking in in KLIA, I took the opportunity to scour a nearby bookshop. While aimlessly rummaging through stacks of books, I found the book that my dear old friend recommended. I flipped the first few pages of the book and got hooked instantaneously! Its funny and witty and just a delight to read for us women and VERY EDUCATIONAL for men (read: HUSBANDS) to read.

What book? Oh, this one….

So I shoved the book into Mr. Frankensteina’s hand. He took one swift look at the title and said a blunt “No”. He even refused my offer to read him snippets from the book (snippets that I feel applicable to him heheheh). So I put the book down, grumble grumble and headed for the magazine sections.

The next thing I saw was this…

Mr. Frankensteina taking refuge at the back of the bookstore with the book in his hands. Gotcha! Haha.

So for those who are looking for something to read, I suggest you keep this book in mind the next time you’re in a bookshop. Mr. Frankensteina and I had a good time reading it.