Thursday, March 29, 2007

Of bunnies and dvs

I have 5 dvds that I have yet to find the time to watch. I am crazy busy! Even on weekends there's always something to do. Can't remember the last time Frankenstein (aka Hot Papa hahaha!) and I just chill and do absolutely nothing.
And my flu keeps coming back it's annoying especially when you're in a meeting and the people there being dead serious about things and I just have to blow my nose. Hehehe!
A good friend confided that she and her man is no longer 'intimate' with each other after their first baby was born, so I ask "No rompy romp romp?" and she said no, romping is as usual. They both are Energizer bunnies. It's the lack of intimacy e.g. kissing and hugging and laughing etc etc. It's just sad when these things happened yes?