Monday, June 20, 2005

Hantu Jogging

This happened a couple of years back....

After some pool games and teh tarik, my friends 'Timah', 'Siew Lan' and I decided go home. It was almost 1 am and since I was so sleepy I decided to take the short cut (I was the driver). This short cut cuts through big old houses, a park and a chinese cemetary...

Was driving along the cemetary when Timah said "Eh here got hantu you know"

"Oy don't la say things like that...not NOW" I said

"Really la I heard oso...scary maa" Siew Lan added.

"Shaddap la...I'm driving and I'll be driving alone after I drop you guys off" *gripped steering harder*

"Yalah, I heard one aunty was killed by a lorry while jogging on the park (the park and the chinese cemetary were next to each other)" Timah said.

"Yalor...killed on the spot some more...eiiii takut"

"Ish mulut....korang ni know what time is it now? And where we are now?" I reminded them that we were right smack in the middle of the cemetary...

When suddenly....

"Is that.....", said Timah pointing to a whitish figure running slowly by the road side.

We all looked....and looked harder and realised that the feet of the whitish figure (I assume its a ghost) that we were looking at were not touching the all.

Siew Lan started screaming followed by me and then Timah. And in the middle of the chaos, I let go of the clutch of my car too fast and the car died.....the whitish figure started to turn around and was heading towards the car. We all screamed harder. I don't remember much after. I froze. Timah slapped me a few times. I started the car back again and just stepped on the gas and drove like a maniac.

.....I don't take short cuts...not anymore.