Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I love love me

"B, I love you"

"Love you too"


*hugs back*

"Taling I miss you"

"I miss you too"

"Luv ya"


"Ish, apa ni love love banyak sangat? You cannot say "I love you" too often, hilang seri nanti"

Hilang seri? I mean if you love someone, and you feel it...just tell them how you feel. Isn't that they way it's suppose to be?

"You ni mengong la. The game is to not let them know how you feel. Keep them in the dark, that's the only way to keep them by your side. Kalau selalu sangat cakap, muak"

Too late, my heart's on my sleeve. I'm not game for a game. I love you, I'll tell you, take it or leave it bebeh...

Listening to : "Body and Soul" - Billie Holiday