Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Malaysian drivers are the worst drivers in the whole wide world…nuf said.

Or at least worst enough for Hot Papa to curse under muttered breath when he came to pick me up for dinner yesterday....and Hot Papa is quite a patient man, unlike me.

Pure logic : The bigger and more expensive a car is, the better the condition of the car should be…yes?


The bigger and more expensive ones car is, the higher the chances that ones signal light will not work. I mean, if I get a nickel every time I see an SLK or 745 and the likes giving signal before cutting in front of me, I would have bought myself an SLK or a 745…

Hello uncle, I drive small inexpensive Kelisa oso my signal light working, you big big car signal light not working issit? Never give signal one want to cutting cutting line. Blardy hell la I want to give you jalan if no signal and expect me to squeeze to the side just because you drive a Beemer? *%#&@!

Also the bigger ones car is, the lesser their common sense and the smaller their brain gets…hence they expect all cars to bow aside and give them way.